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DogePaper; all about Dogecoin Paper Wallets


Dogecoin is a digital currency.

It's the one with the picture of the dog and the slight obsession with Comic Sans.

(Technically, it has a lot in common with the Bitcoin and Litecoin systems - but with a unique community atmosphere on top of various technical differences.)

What is a Paper Wallet?

It's a stand-alone Dogecoin wallet, on paper, storing only a single Address. Used for either off-line "cold storage", or as a means to transfer Dogecoin value to someone else through handing them a physical object.

(If you like words and want to get deeper in to the details, here's the deeper techy explanation)

I've got one, how do I get the Dogecoin out?

See the Redeem A Wallet section for a range of guides and links to tools to help you.

Dogecoin Paper Wallet information!

How can I make my own?

Presuming you already have some Dogecoin stored somewhere, you can make your own Paper Wallets and then send some DOGE in to them.

The simplest way is with the web-browser-based tools. Two I'm aware of are DogecoinPaperWallet.net and the Dogecoin Paper Wallet generator provided on the (otherwise Bitcoin-centric) BitcoinPaperWallet site.

Make them more beautiful with alternative artwork.

(Also, watch this space for custom paper-wallet-making software coming soon!)

Always experiment with moving a small value of DOGE around first, before making big transfers.

Paper Wallets need to be stored securely - a really skilled and sneaky bad guy could shine a bright light through your folded-over paper to reveal the Private Key part and steal your Dogecoin without visible tampering. Don't leave them sitting round in public where everyone can get at them - and don't let them get WET or otherwise damaged, or you might lose your coins!